the Modest woman interpreted by the winning designers of IFDC's Modest Runway

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Modest fashion is a label that we're hearing since a few years. At the beginning the term was used in different contexts and with a different meaning, but since the first Modest shows and the birth of qualified institutions that gave a real exposure to this industry , the correct meaning of Modest fashion was defined. Doubtless, Islamic Fashion and Design Council(IFDC) played a major role in settling the proper definition of Modesty and during the recent fashion show in Torino, the awarded designers were reviewed based on use of fabric, style and modest compliance, and unique approach to designing style. Modest fashion can go over any sort of etnicity, religion, gender, it's turned to be a common global fashion language for different women, living in different countries. This evidence was clear during the latest IFDC's Modest Runway, where each designer showcased how a Modest woman can be represented. Each of them answerd to the questions: " What a Modest woman needs to have now? How can I highlight her beauty and her personality ?".And these answers were translated into their creativity. Chantique and Bow Boutique took the Saudi women habits of wearing abaya, by adding embroidery, colors, charm, elegance in the fabrics, allure in the longness. Al Nisa took the American proud and powerful Modest woman, wearing long jackets with solid shoulders , or long turbans or light maxi dress with long trains.