The beauty in the story telling of IFDC's Modest Runway 2018

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This year, Islamic Fashion and Design Council(IFDC) has took again to the stage a supreme show, on the Italian scene of Torino. IFDC has always been committed to support and give a great exposure to Modest fashion designers worldwide, from USA, Australia, the Gulf and European countries. Modest fashion is the best example of a fashion movement that cannot be defined as a trend only , but as a lifestyle. It's not something that you wear this year and then you change the year after. It's a range of values that a woman or a man- yes, Modesty speaks at both gender- make their own in every single gesture. It's not only wearing an abaya, it's wearing a dress by showing elegance, compassion, being aware of carrying out a value in the society. A modest outfit accompanies those people who want to put the attention not on the body of a person, but on what her or him has to say, their identity, their humanity. IFDC is the best story teller in this sense, improving the spread of Modest values and supporting people who embrace this lifestyle for a higher purpose. IFDC's presence with a special fashion show in Torino confirms the great increase of interest by shareholders in the fashion industry.