Modest Fashion charmed Milano Fashion Week, thanks to Modest Soiree exclusive event by Islamic Fashion and Design Council

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Milano Fashion Week has never been so glamorous. After Dubai, London, Paris, New York, this is the time for the Italian fashion capital to host a Modest Fashion show. Modest fashion has become a very known movement worldwide and after Torino Fashion Week, this time Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) brought the beauty of Modest fashion to Milan in an exclusive Modest Soiree, in alliance with Milano Fashion Week and Milano Fashion Library, supported by the Media partnership of the social media platform theShukran and sponsored by itHaly.

Yesterday, in the elegant location of Milano Fashion Library, in Tortona area, four IFDC's awarded designers showcased their Spring-Summer collection, introducing four different but likewise breathtaking approaches to the definition of Modesty.
Bow Boutique opened the Modest Soiree with her colourful and exquisite long abayas and jalabiya , in a richness of flowers and bejewelled by precious headscarves. Through little Indonesian umbrellas and fans, Chantique from Brunei took the audience into the scent of South East Asia, in a palette of white long dresses and shocking pink.

caption photo_2018-09-25_13-24-12-1 /caption Bow Boutique
caption photo_2018-09-25_13-22-32 /caption Chantique

Together with the first two Dubai based designers, Modest Soiree was the debuting stage for Luya Moda, designed by Italian designer Francesca Cocconi, who explored a ready to wear Modest niche, mixing shimmering veils, palazzo trousers and never forgetting her passion for golden looks and accessories, where you can always spot her half moon/star logo. Isabella Caposano concluded the show with a collection marked by the precious embroidery, where silk and lace are always upfront. Isabella Caposano has already taken part to IFDC PrĂȘt a Cover fashion lane in Dubai and to Arab Fashion Week.

caption photo_2018-09-25_13-23-27 /caption Luya Moda
caption photo_2018-09-25_13-23-10 /caption Isabella Caposano

"This is the first time that Milano hosts a Modest Show and it was the right time to give exposure to a lifestyle that worldwide has become a great movement" explained Eva Cordioli, CEO of theShukran, " the most wonderful thing is that people realised how much beauty and elegance Modest fashion owns. theShukran has always been so passionate about broadcasting Modest style and in this occasion, we confirm our support to Islamic Fashion and Design Council in pursuing this mission. It's interesting to hear people saying they would wear those dresses, even though they are not wearing a hijab or practising the same faith. The power of Modesty is that it shows how women worldwide can dialogue, cooperate and find out a common ground where they can share and create value in their society".

You can find all the moments, pictures and video of IFDC's Modest Soiree on theShukran, by following the hashtag #ifdc #modest #modestsoiree