Modest fashion, a shimmering success in 2019- theShukran's insight on Amsterdam Modest Fashion week

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Another great success recorded by Modest Fashion Weeks during the latest Amsterdam Modest Fashion Week (AMFW).
Organized by ThinkFashion Co., the consulting company led by fashion entrepreneurs Franka Soeria and Ozlem Sahin Ertas, AMFW brought the most incredible Modest appointment after a long pause from the previous European show ( back to 2017 in London). The 6th official event, which was held in PTA, Amsterdam between 14-16 December has successfully showcased the works of modest fashion designers and brands from 20 countries.

Modest fashion can be officially listed as the most important and recognized trend in the mid-2010s, as witnessed by plenty of articles and people who joined the movement. In a recent research released by Lyst , during 2019 searches in the web for Modest fashion rose by 90%.
AMFW showed how the industry has been able over the years to create a loyal audience , a real powerful community of people who are committed to take this empowering slice of the fashion industry up to a global movement.

The 3 fashion days in Amsterdam saw a fashion parade where different brands brought their vision on Modesty.

AMFW-opening-with-Miss-Amsterdam Think Fashion Co. founders with Miss Amsterdam opening the event - Ph(c) Rooful at AMFW.

Modest Fashion Founders Fund, the first funding program in modest fashion established in Indonesia, showcased a nurtured team of well established designers, such as Hannie Hananto, Wad Studio, Neera Alatas and Luluk Marla.

From Russia, Yand brand introduced cultural influenced clothing and its museum-worth pieces, one of them are embellished by real diamonds with USD$1Million worth.
Yand Yand brand- Ph(c) Rooful at AMFW.

From Turkey, two different style to represent Modesty: Mizalle showing its power in being the strongest ready to wear brand and the vintage attitude look by Sempre.

MIZALLE-3 Mizalle collection- Ph(c) Rooful at AMFW.

Mizalle-1 Mizalle collection- Ph(c) Rooful at AMFW.

Raidha's Maldives , previous participant at Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2019, made a comeback in AMFW with a urban modern look using sunset tones of exotic Maldives.

Raidha's Maldives - Ph(c) Rooful at AMFW.

Markamarie presented Medina Zein with its urban eclectic look of a woman, sets of power suits, coordinating tops and pants and beautiful outer wears with 3D details.

Markamarie with Medina Zein - Ph(c) Rooful at AMFW.

Ummiriaz International from Malaysia showcased the brave bold look with unique cuts and details, such as baloon sleeves, smock and pattern play.

Ummiriaz-1 Ummiriaz fashion show - Ph(c) Rooful at AMFW.

Sustainability and Modest Fashion goes hand in hand , as represented in the collection by Studio Maqam from Netherlands, with their up cycle and urban concept.

Beyond fashion catwalks , talks and debates made the difference . Franka Soeria approached the theme of getting the right fund in a conversation with Mr. Fadjar Hutomo from Deputy of Capital Access, Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy Republic of Indonesia and Mr. Afdhal Aliasar (Director of National Islamic Finance Committee- KNKS).

*Modest fashion funders fund and Franka Soeria during the talk show - Ph(c) Rooful at AMFW. *

Another remarkable conversation was held by Rajae El Mouhandiz, visual artist and curator of the Modest fashion exhibition at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, hosting the first Modest fashion exhibition in Europe ( until early February).

Stedelijk-Museum-Schiedam-presents-Rajae Stedelijk Museum Schiedam presents Rajae - Ph(c) Rooful at AMFW.

Modest, sustainability, buying opportunities, Think Fashion Co has been able once again to gather a parterre of strong players and ambassadors who can take Modesty into the next level: a worldwide establishment that theShukran is proud to spread and support. This event marked also another important point: Modesty has a deep root in the European countries, it's not a marginal part of the industry but rather, it has been able to raise their own powerful spokespersons.
It's time to get the conversation wider!

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All pictures credit : Rooful for ModestFashionWeeks

Cover photo: Samaa collection from UAE - Ph(c) Rooful at AMFW.