TheShukran: the social network of saying “thanks” will broadcast the values of Modest Fashion, during Torino Fashion Week 2018

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Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) has appointed theShukran, the social network that made of the word “thanks” its own core message, as official media partner to broadcast the values and the emerging designers from the Modest Fashion industry , at the occasion of the third upcoming edition of Torino Fashion Week, that will open its doors in the capital of Piemonte region in the next few days .
Modest fashion is a global phenomenon beyond any border, which is going to act a real revolution, even among Western fashion designers, in the style and costume standards, maybe equal to the mini skirt break moment that hit the scene at the end of the 60s. A delicate and fresh breeze originated in 2015 from the Middle East to marry fashion and Coran precepts, and in a couple of years it turned to be an eclectic and cutting-edge wind, been able to inspire a great creativity in depth and to mark the perception of the Western taste.

“To spread the innovative soul of Modesty is one of our core commitments “ as explains Eva Cordioli, CEO and Fashion Blogger of theShukran, the first photographic social network born by an exemplary melting pot between the 2G- the second Muslim generation- and Italians with the unusual challenge to cross thoughts, tastes, feelings and values of different people worldwide, through a simple word , that we shall remember more often: THANKS. “ A social network- continues Eva, born in Rovigo ( Veneto ), graduated in Management from Bocconi University in Milan, with a significative time spent in Dubai and now living in Paris,from where she monitors and talks about the emerging trend of Modest fashion industry- which does not aim to achieve high numbers, to eat followers as bulimic, but rather to reach a certain quality in the participation level, a natural involvement in values, promoted by sharing
pictures coming from different parts of the world.
“Which values? Beauty, respect, gratitude, happiness, knowledge to nominate a few”- as Fatna El Hamrit says, the Muslim Millennial who manages theShukran community, with a special passion for art and photography. Fatna will be the photo and video reporter who will capture the best moments of the Modest event during the fashion days in Torino and she will broadcast them to theShukran global community, by reaching with a click, users located in more than 20 countries. And she will do it with the unique flair of theShukran. “ In an era where people throw themselves into comments and “likes” in the social networks, using them as a dangerous judging weapon , we want to affirm a countertrend based on saying “thanks”: to stop by and say thanks for a picture, a moment of the daily life, maybe far from our common imaginary , but something that could enrich and strengthen our experience”.

“ As we are a social network born from a Western and Muslim community, we always look into the beauty of the world as a source to create a harmonious connection among cultures - points out Siham Lamoudni, social media manager of theShukran and Food Blogger, fascinated by blended tastes- theShukran has always focused its attention on universal languages such as photography, poetry, music, food, painting and fashion of course”. Modest fashion - highlights Eva- embodies perfectly the values of theShukran : a means to narrate the beauty in this world, bejeweled by long dresses, scarfs, turbans, caftans, by the alternative thought of artists and the skillful manufacture of artisans worldwide. In the next days, we will bring to life an encyclopedia, a borderless window display with the aim of promoting and encouraging designers in the Modest fashion industry, coming from different part of the world, to show the beauty of their talent. Modesty is the future and we are honored to have been invited by IFDC to spread it.

“Why did we choose theShukran as Media Partner of this event?” As explained by Alia Khan, chairwoman of IFDC “We find in theShukran a common ground of values and since a while we have kept an eye on this young and innovative social network, which aims to be in perfect accord with Modesty”.

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