theShukran at l'Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris , in a conversation about Moroccan cuisine and the role of social media

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In the occasion of the event “ L’art culinaire marocain. Bien vivre ensemble “ (Moroccan cooking culture. Well Living together ), theSukran has the honor to take part to a round table next Thursday March 12th at Institute du monde arabe (IMA) in Paris, where one of our co-founders Fatna El Hamrit will sit in a conversation about the new Moroccan food heritage and its relationship with new media, art and entrepreneurship.

Organized by CCME , Conseil de la communauté marocaine à l’étranger, the event aims at showing the beauty of Moroccan kitchen traditions all along different cultural influences and civilizations. From the earliest Berber kingdoms, passing through Phenix, Greek, Roman, Jewish , African and Arab-Islamic cultures, Moroccan food is a result of all those past successions and even nowadays in different Moroccan regions we can find revised recipes for a same dish. This food heritage has travelled over the years and throughout countries thanks to Moroccan communities who settled in different parts of the world. Since the last decade, Moroccan culinary art has known a significant spread on the social media : one picture can reach millions of people and light up the flame of a personal cultural background.
Since a few years theShukran has embraced this mission of spreading Moroccan and Arab heritage, from food, art, fashion, lifestyle , by creating a dialogue and a re-discovering former traditions and practices.

“It’s an honor to be invited to participate in this round table and to provide a concrete example of how a social media such as theShukran, can contribute in spreading Moroccan culture from a generation to another. “ says Fatna El Hamrit. “ Institute du monde arabe is the temple of Arab cultures, we are delighted and thankful to be selected by the CCME as a concrete example of social network fostering cross cultural knowledge and contributing to develop Moroccan cultural heritage.
Every day on theShukran you can find pictures from food lovers or professional chefs who can share their plates and recipes to a catered audience who is willing to discover flavours and secrets of an old times cooking art, by adding some contemporary spices. In this sense theShukran is a witness in the digital and renewed Morroccan cooking art ”.

The event at IMA in Paris will welcome three different round tables starting at 3pm until the last conference , where theShukran will be part of, at 7pm.

Fatna El Hamrit will take part to a conversation moderated by tv and radio presenter at Atlante Radio, Faiçal Tadlaoui, together with Abdelkrim Raddadi, professor at ESCA School of Management and author of the book “ Maroc, l’art culinaire en plein air. Morocco’s street food”, Abdel Aloui, popular chef de cuisine , Loubna Ksibi, cofounder at “Meet My Mama” a catering service platform gathering cooking cultures worldwide , the novelist Rachid Santaki and food blogger from My Moroccan Food Nargiss Benkabbou.

Find out the complete program of the day on IMA website and follow the event on theShukran app!

See you in Paris!