Street photography in Morocco- the first workshop signed by theShukran

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Over the last few years , theShukran has gained a great enthusiasm and interest around street photography , by gathering together professional photographers , initiating passionate ones or simply lovers. Street , fashion , self portrait , you can display a world through a camera lens. Since a while we’ve in mind something different to be launched so we finally said- what about planning a photography workshop? From the social media conversations , to a real conversation face to face , where people can learn from each others.

From thinking to action, from Italy to Morocco, our co founder Fatna El Hamrit and Nicola Fioravanti - our super CTO and a confirmed street photography professional - arrived in Casablanca for the first theShukran worshop, focusing on street photography. A series of 4 appointments scheduled in the main Moroccan cities, in collaboration with L'Association D'ArtNa : first stop in Casablanca on August 10th, then to follow Rabat on the 15th , Fes and Chefchaouen.

Fatna and Nicola welcomed more than thirty young people, seeking of new techniques and approaches to street photograhy, at Le 133 co working space. Le 133 is one of the most exclusive creative spaces in Casablanca- and, no kidding, when entering you have the impression to feel like in the ultimate hype open space in Manhattan- where everyone can be inspired by creativity and where there's a constant research for art and visual expression.

photo_2019-08-14_10-24-00 Le 133 Coworking , Casablanca

Camera in one hand and smart phone in the other, Nicola explained the best tips about how to shoot a street portrait, the process in choosing a subject or a scene - always taking care about the light upon it- , the importance of colors and black/white, the order in the pic ( yes, all the greatest ones caring of geometric rules), the act of juxtaposing and the great lesson of patience. You have to wait till the perfect moment, where all the elements recreate the perfect scene in front of your lens.

photo_2019-08-14_10-23-43 Moments during the workshop

photo_2019-08-14_10-20-32 Nicola and Fatna during the 1st photography workshop, @ Le 133 Coworking- Casablanca

"This first workshop in Casablanca has been a dream coming true: we wanted to meet photography lovers and professionals in order to create a moment for exchanging.- states Fatna El Hamrit- Their curiosity and enthusiasm reflect the actual portrait of a fervent community of young photographers in the Maroccan cities, willing to grow internationally.".

But also an occasion also to launch "theShukran workshop photo contest 2019".

" All the Moroccan photographers met during our travelling workshop will take part to a new photo contest, by uploading their pics on theShukran app, under the hashtag #tswpc2019 and #shukran. - explains Nicola Fioravanti-The two selcted winnners will be announced on November 15th and awarded with 2 Canon 2000D cameras."

Last but not least, a marvellous opportunity for them!

The winners will take part into the next photo exhibition " Say Shukran" , together with 52 internationally renowned photographers from the Muslim world- some of them awarded by Sony World photography Award and World Press photo.

Here the upcoming dates of "theShukran workshop tour in Morocco" :-
15th August in Rabat
18th August in Fes
and 21st (to be confirmed) in Chefchaouen

photo_2019-08-14_10-14-56-3 Announcing theShukran workshop photo contest 2019

photo_2019-08-14_10-26-47 Moments during the workshop