Spanish Arab Fashion Madrid to celebrate the heritage of Caftan on theShukran.

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Which features Spain and Morocco can share together? Since secular times, the two Mediterranean countries have been influencing each other , melting their cultures in a whirlpool of colors, perfumes and craftsmanship. This year, the organisation Art and Culture without borders , sponsored by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Spain, will celebrate this unique relationship during Spanish Arab Fashion Show 2019.
On 7th and 8th March , in the sumptuous location of Palacio Fernan Nunez in Madrid, Moroccan and Spanish designers will gather to introduce collections from their heritage, in a unique moment to celebrate fashion, art and culinary culture from the blend of Spanish and Arabic world. An important moment that theShukran team will be honored to spread on its social platform, celebrating together this mix of harmony in cultures, that the social network has in its DNA.

Art and Culture Without Borders is a Spanish organization dedicated to unify people through culture and art, founded by Moroccan designer Soumaya Akbib, with a specific mission: to emphasize that culture and art are a universal language that should always unite us and never separate us and thus foster a more equal and harmonious world.


Fashion is a universal language and through its shades can be the perfect spokesperson to tell the latest trends on Spanish-Arab fashion realm. The 2nd edition of Spanish Arab Fashion (SAF) looks forward to celebrate the beauty and history of the Moroccan Caftan.
The neoclassical venue of Palacio Fernan Nunez, a private house built in 1847 and renovated in 1940, will the perfect poetic scene to welcome the preciousness of the dresses signed by the designers such as Hany El Behairy, Omaima Azzouz, De Velasco de Sana Redwani, Maria Luxe, Gustavo Marinaro, reuniting an amazing crew of talents from Moroccan, Arab and Spanish fashion scene. A special focus will be pay to handmade and bejeweled Caftan, by the perfect artisan from Morocco as Meriem Belkhayat, Silham El Habti, Meryem Boussikouk and Fouzia Naciri. Further, during the event, important personalities will be awarded for their engagement and contribution to support Art and Culture Without Borders in achieving its global mission and goals.

As Soumaya Akbib recently affirmed during an interview :The caftan will really be honored through a fashion show but also a conference and an exhibition. It is important to tell the story of this outfit and highlight its links with Spain. Spanish Arab Fashion Madrid puts forward all the culture in the broad sense of the term whether it is the creations of clothing and jewelry or gastronomy.

To register and for more info, please visit Art and Culture without borders

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