SayShukran photo contest 2019: awarded photographers announced

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After several months spent viewing and appreciating all the amazing pics we received from so much exceptional photographers and photo amateurs, theShukran team has finally selected the two winners of SayShukran photo contest 2019.

The contest launched during theShukran photo workshop, which took place in Morocco latest summer, it was a first national contest dedicated to Moroccan talents in order to foster and discover their ability behind the lens. With more than 700 people attendees, theShukran received more than 1200 pics and it hasn't been so easy for us to come to a final decision. The quality in the photographic work was really at a high level.

Two young awarded photographers were announced in the end of November 2019: Said Mrigua, with the photo "Freedom" and Mohamed Boublouh, with the portrait "Pure Faith" . Both of them were awarded with a Canon camera EOS 2000D, a precious tool to support them in keeping on nurturing their passion and inner talent for photography.

Said and Mohamed's pics will be included in the traveling photo exhibition SayShukran. The exhibition started in Milan at Casa Dei Diritti on September 2019, with a second stop at Spazio Arte Passante in Milan - Porta Venezia station, it will be soon displayed in a digital exhibition in Malaysia.

From all theShukran team we would like to express our deep and sincere acknowledgments to all the amazing people who took part to this wonderful contest. We were amazed to see such an ethusiasm and to receive more than 1200's simply incredible! Our mission has never changed : spreading gratitude to the world, beyond barriers. This contest is the real and actual proof that this misson has now turned into reality.


photo_2019-11-29_19-22-36 Said Mrigua, "Freedom"-2019.

photo_2019-11-29_19-22-31 Mohamed Boublouh, "Pure Faith"- 2019.