SAY SHUKRAN , at ATELIER DELLA FOTOGRAFIA, Milano – from October 9th, till November 3rd

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After the amazing welcome received during the first opening of Say Shukran exhbition, during World Gratitude Day at Casa dei Diritti in Milan, the second appointment is scheduled for tonight at Atelier della Fotografia, a special space within Artepassante project, located in the Milanese subway station of Porta Venezia.

Today, on Wednesday 9th October, the opening vernissage starting from 5.30 pm will display the 52 photographers coming from Africa, Middle East, Asia and Europe. All the photos are exhibited in the area connecting the subway to the railway of Porta Venezia and everyone accessing this area will have the chance to admire at any time those amazing portraits of "saying thanks".

This is a special gift that theShukran is proud to offer to the city of Milan. The first social network created by the Muslim community and among the first ones in the Arab countries wants to put the attention on the dialogue between different cultures, on the brotherhood bond that a simple act as saying thanks can be a common term worldwide.

theShukran firmly believes in the inherent leit motiv of "not like, just Shukran". We do not need "likes" to pay gratitude to someone, we need to say "shukran", to express properly our appreciation , by avoiding a frustrating counting of displays.

Among the best photographers taking part to the exhibition, some reputable names from the worlwide panorama of photography:
Hossein Fatemi and Masfiqur Sohan, World Press Photo awarded, Leyla Emektar, Hossein Fardinfard and MD Tanveer Rohan, Sony World Photography Awards winner and further names such as Masoud Gharaei, Hosam Salem, Hedayatullah Amid and Rodi Said.
The greatest part of them were published on international magazines such as The New York Times, The Guardian, The New Yorker and Vogue.

To be greateful is a common feeling belonging to humanity as a whole and the exhibition Say Shukran perfectly shares this vision. For its second appointment, the choice was for a new partner such as Le Belle Arti Associazione di Promozione Sociale, always committed in retrieving the culturale heritage of the city of Milan. Its project Artepassante was born to give a cultural space in remote locations, throughout abandoned passages throught subways and railways.

After this extraordinary experience in Milano, the photo exhibition Say Shukran will continue its journey to further Italian locations to be announced.
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**Say Shukran
October 9th- November 3rd **

Milano, Atelier della Fotografia, Stazione Venezia del Passante Ferroviario