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On the Day of Gratitude, September 21, 2019, theShukran, the visual social network created by the Muslim community and among the first in the Arab world, introduces the photo exhibition Say Shukran: 52 photos to celebrate the "thank you", a common action to people all over the world, too often underestimated.

The photo exhibition created by the social network focuses on thanksgiving, contributing to the dialogue between different cultures thanks to the involvement of 52 photographers from Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. This melting pot creates an intercultural bond based on human values.

Among the photographers of the exhibition famous names stand out, such as Hossein Fatemi and Mas qur Sohan, both World Press Photo winners, Leyla Emektar, Hossein Fardinfard and MD Tanveer Rohan, winners of the Sony World Photography Awards, as well as other famous photographers such as Masoud Gharaei, Hosam Salem, Hedayatullah Amid and Rhodes Said.
Many artists have seen their photos published on international well-known newspapers and magazines such as The New York Times, The Guardian, The New Yorker and Vogue.

Being grateful is a positive feeling common to all human beings. Say Shukran exhibition fully embraces this vision and Casa dei Diritti, a place in Milan dedicated to people in need, will host the first step of the project, which will continue in other important locations.

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Elisabetta Roncati,+393891027642

Say Shukran
21 – 28 september 2019 Milan,
Casa dei Diritti Via Edmondo de Amicis 10, 20123 Milano
OPENING TIMES: Mon.-Fri., 8.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.
Free entry