Our COO, Sanaa Fariat

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My name is Sanaa. I take care of theShukran organization. Each user brings a story, a place, a plot of relationships. A social network made by Muslims must be inspired by this wonderfully Islamic principle: benevolence towards everyone. Attention and respect towards those who are different. Attention and respect towards those who come from afar. And solidarity towards those who are poor, sick, and alone. And, seen closely, we all are. We are the social of the Graces, from the Hadith of the Prophet (PBUH). Who does not thank people, does not thank Allah.
Every day we need to thank not to hate, welcome not to reject, to give more than to take. It is exciting every day to see how theShukran community acts in strict accordance with these principles. I'm in charge of the organizational team. I follow the communities around the world, evaluated the opening of the offices, coordinated the internal activity to the team. Organizing is my vocation. We will bring the Shukran to be the landmark of millions of Muslims in the world. This is why theShukran guarantees what the other social networks hide. This is why for us Ramadan is prayer and celebration, fasting and iftar, silence and even good words. My commitment is this, to make sure that theShukran is exactly what it wants to be: an authentic, true, sincere place. And efficient, of course. With the help of Allah.

Sanaa Fariat is the Chief Operating Officer at theShukran. She is the second in command at theShukran, under our CEO Eva Cordioli.