Our CEO, Eva Cordioli

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Who I am? I am the CEO of theShukran, I love Modest and I deal with the Modest Fashion world for theShukran.

I live in Paris, a fabulous city ! I spend a lot of time around the most important Modest fashion shows. Meeting new friends eager to let people know that Modest is not a minor style! On theShukran, this is immediately understood. Islamic fashion is full of charm, enhances female beauty, makes it mysterious, fascinating. This is why it's fine even for those who are not Muslims, like me!
Do you have any idea how many Modest stylists are emerging in the world? They are really many, full of ideas and with a fresh and young air. I know them one by one and I'm really excited about them. And modest male fashion? A real breath of new elegance. And the fashion of traditional clothes? Authentic jewels, the fruit of centuries of art and talent, are a lesson for the world. In those clothes I see the culture of a people, its history, its values. It is a new beauty that has ancient roots. On theShukran I take care that all this beauty is visible and usable for everyone. I want theShukran to become the world's largest Modest fashion catalog shortly. Everybody with the fashion blogger team is working on this. And I dream of the moment when this style will become a style that is valid for everyone. Meanwhile, we create our community every day, and it is exciting to discover that we are many and we are all enthusiastic. I listen to everyone and I reply to everyone. Write to me, tell me about yourself, let me see your work and follow me on theShukran. We have roads full of surprises to travel, join our journey!

Eva Cordioli is one of the top Modest Fashion bloggers in Europe. And she is the Chief Executive Officer at theShukran.