Our CCO, Siham Lamoudni

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I've always watched people cooking: my grandmother, my mother and my aunts. I came from Morocco to Italy when I was 12. And the kitchen has also become a metaphor: memory, dream, passion, desire and celebration. On the Shukran, I manage the community of chefs and cooking enthusiasts. From Morocco to Indonesia is a world of dishes, flavors and emotions linked by a word that precedes the moment of lunch and dinner: Bismillah. We take care of the personalities that on the web cook with the word Bismillah on the lips. Cooking is nourishment of the body but also of the spirit, it links people. I want to create the largest community of people who are inspired by the Islamic cuisine and show off every day the cultural richness behind a plate. I love theShukran for this reason. TheShukran gives me the opportunity to travel every day, to discover, to establish new bonds and to try new emotions.
He who does share a dish, is an ambassador of the world where the dish was created. Muslim holidays are an encyclopedia of cuisine, they are a hymn to life, to family love, to solidarity. I work to make TheShukran the largest encyclopedia of the culinary tradition of Muslims in the world. Bismillah

Siham Lamoudni is a food blogger and the Chief Community Officer at theShukran.