Our CBO, Fatna El Hamrit

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I am a designer. I love to see the painted world. Color can save the world from hatred, prejudice and ignorance. I carry with me the colors of my Morocco, in anything I see I wear those colors. The ideal place where form and color become the symbol of travel and of the richness of cultures is Venice. Venice is the city where I spend a lot of my time. theShukran is like Venice, a blend of diversity, the East that blends with the West. Beauty loves beauty and drives away hatred. On theShukran I gather artists from the Muslim world: poets, stylists and architects. We show the beauty and richness of the Muslim world. What's my goal? To create on theShukran the largest community of Muslim artists, writers and musicians. Get them to know each other. Get them to know in the world. I bring theShukran in all the places where there is color, I take that color and use it to paint the social world. Change the life and history of Muslims with the beauty they have inside. This is theShukran's mission. And that's my job. Shukran!

Fatna El Hamrit is the Chief Brand Officer at theShukran.