Modest, social network and Islam , the players at the successful IFDC’s Modest Runway at TFW 2018

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Fashion, social network and Islam: an unpredictable threesome which was confirmed as a major player of the latest Torino Fashion Week. A threesome possible thanks to a great partnership between Islamic Fashion and Design Council, IFDC and theShukran, with the aim to share worldwide the emerging trends from the Modest field, those ones that will influence for sure the creativity of the most blazoned Western fashion designers. About the outcomes? Eight designers, more than fifty outfits waving on the runway, images and video shared throughout the five continents. Among the best "Shukraned" outfits, we can find Bow Boutique and Chantique.
theShukran, the social network of saying "thanks", was appointed as Official Media Partner of the event and in those days it broadcast live the beauty of IFDC’s Modest Runway, through a stream of pictures and videos. "Shimmering, innovative, full of charm" this is the live comment about IFDC’s Modest Runway 2018, by Eva Cordioli, fashion blogger and director of the social story telling- "we saw in the catwalk abayas full of style, created with a great attention to fabrics and colors, bejeweled by embroidery and a new way of covering and wrapping up women, to be worn both in a mall in Dubai and while walking down the streets of Milan city centre. A Modest made up also by military styled long jackets and a selection of looks that Modest fashion influencers won’t absolutely miss it"

By downloading the application and following the hashtag #ifdc #tfw #modestfashion and #theshukran of course, you can browse all the best moments of IFDC’s Modest Runway, in a story told by Eva Cordioli, CEO at theShukran, Siham Lamoudni, community manager, the talented official photographer Fatna El Hamrit and all the users who attended the show.

"A social network"- continues Eva-" which does not aim to achieve high numbers, to eat followers as bulimic, but rather to reach a certain quality in the participation level, a natural involvement in values, promoted by sharing pictures coming from different parts of the world. Which values? Beauty, respect, gratitude, happiness, knowledge to nominate a few. Modesty is the future and we are honored to have been invited by IFDC to spread it. "

The first night was signed by Modest fashion made in the USA, introduced by the brands Huda Negassi, Myra Wallace and Madam Butterfly. For the second year, it was the turn of Al Nisa design, already IFDC’s awarded designer from last edition, who collected an enthusiastic success from the audience. During the second night , the flair changed into an international scent. From the USA, Mali Rose entertained the stage with a Modest collection for little girls; from Indonesia the colorful hues of the street style by Schmiley Mo, while from Saudi Arabia the crayon shades and the elegance of fabrics for the abaya by Bow Boutique. Last but not least, the supreme elegance by Chantique, coming from Brunei but based in Dubai, where the designer realized the need to give some colors to the abaya used by the women living in the town: because Modesty does not mean wearing long black dresses only but to wear colors, accessories and everything that can make a woman feeling elegant and beautiful.
As Sara Aslaoui explains " IFDC has always been involved in supporting brands and designers in the Modest realm, through consulting and promotion activities , for this reason the choice of these two partners was strategic : an international social media like theShukran, focused and passionate for Modesty, and a major publishing actor like Milano Fashion Library, interested to deepen the Modest topic on their pages. "

To close the evening, the awarding ceremony of the three top designers, selected by a jury made up of Sara Aslaoui, Country Manager of IFDC Italia and the two Media Partner representatives, as Eva Cordioli, CEO at theShukran and Marco Poli, Editorial Director at Fashion Illustrated, by Milano Fashion Library. Al Nisa design, Chantique and Bow Boutique the awarded designers of IFDC’s Modest Runway for this edition. "We assessed the collections on the base of criteria such as the research for fabrics, suitability to be worn in an international context and the cohesion to Modest requirements"-as explained by the members of the jury-" it was hard to make a final decision , since the work of every single designer gave us a true emotion."

The three awarded designers will benefit of the prizes offered by the Media partners. As far as theShukran, the designer will be involved in a promotion program on the social network, who counts more than 400k users, that will support the brands by sharing videos, pictures, promo campaigns with a worldwide exposure. As far as Milano Fashion Library, the designers will have the chance to show their collection in a Modest event, which will take place during next Milano Fashion week, in the amazing location of Milano Fashion Library

"To spread the innovative soul of Modesty is one of our core commitments"-explains Eva Cordioli-"Over the last days, the social network turned into a borderless window display with the aim of promoting and encouraging designers in the Modest fashion industry, coming from different parts of the world, to show the beauty of their talent.

" it’s quite a while that on the covers of international magazines we ‘ve seen more often faces and suggestions of Modest fashion"-explained Marco Poli from Fashion Illustrated-" Cover Magazine by IFDC has been a pioneer in starting this road and for this reason we would like to encourage visibility of Modest fashion , thanks to the opportunities of magazines by Milano Fashion Library group.

"What we’ve done it’s not a media operation but rather a social one”- argues Eva- “with the aim to broadcast Modest values and to collect not only comments but also new ideas from Dubai, Los Angeles, Riyadh , from the neighborhood to the chic salons , contributing to create a palette of outfits that we saw in the runway. A palette we would love to give value to, through a special cultural initiative we have in mind".

The artwork of these designers brought to the light how much Modest Fashion represents a style, that starting from elegance in covering, it shows a supreme women, willing to express her personality in all her beauty. "Through an outfit , Modest fashion allows women to show all their beauty, not focusing the attention on the body and its shapes"- says in conclusion Sara Aslaoui- "it gives to women the chance to express their identity , individuality and talent with a great majesty".

In conclusion , as stated by Alia Khan, Chairwoman at IFDC, "Modesty has shown itself to be what it really is. It is fun, elegant, exciting, stylish, and everything that one would expect from fashion. The best part is that it is not a passing thing, people in modest fashion usually embrace this lifestyle for higher reasons and for a lifetime,

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With offices in ten countries, IFDC promotes and supports the players of the Modest industry, through an array of products, services, an effective training programs and a platform designed to ensure the success of Islamic fashion and design in the global marketplace .

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