Matera 2019- theShukran introduces the installation" Zyz Garden" by Italian artist Meggiato.

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theShukran & the Zyz Garden , will be soon in Matera, the 2019 European Capital Of Culture.

The Khamsa, Fatima's hand, will arrive to Italy, in Matera, the marvelous town in the South of Italy- made popular thanks to its famous extensive cave-dwelling region- nominated the 2019 European Capital of Culture.

theShukran, the visual social network created by Muslims throughout the world, agreed on a partnership with the renowned Italian artist Gianfranco Meggiato, to give birth to a unique project, with a strong symbolic impact.
The magnificent installation, called " Zyz Garden ", a vaste garden 26 meters length, designs a khamsa shape, the famous Fatima's hand and it will be located in an exceptional place, bejeweled by a breathtaking landscape. And why the Khamsa? As it is a symbol of cultural openness, respect and gratitude.

The opera represents a great and huge hand, made by thousands packs of sand, painted by the seven colors of peace. A sculpture is raised on each single finger and at the center of the hand, the epic sculptured flower, where the sentence " Tutto รจ uno " (" All is one") will be written in the most spoken 30 languages in the world.

Fatima's hand is a symbol carrying a message of hope, for this reason theShukran is honored to support the Italian artist Meggiato in this unforgettable event.
This is going to be a unique installation throughout Europe, as far as its size and for its deep valuable meaning. Thousands of people from all over the world will attend the event and they will have the possibility to leave a message of Thanks, right inside the central sculpted flower.

"Placing Zyz Garden on Terrazza Belvedere, that dominates the view of the Sassi in Matera- as stated by Meggiato- is symbolically like placing a hand of hospitality open to the city, but also open to the idea of sharing and communion among people, enhancing above all the importance of this installation, harbinger of a message of unity and hope among all cultures.

Together, the Shukran and the Italian artist Meggiato want to launch a challenge: to represent a willing of fighting any sort of distance among people, through weapons like art, dialogue and respect.

" We are so excited to be part of this!theShukran is a platform created with the aim to spread to the world some significative values, symbols and the identity of the Muslim world. It's not a case that our company logo is exactly the Fatima's Hand.- as explained by Fatna El Hamrit, Art project manager at theShukran- During this historical period we are living in, where the most recurrent trend is to close, to push away your closest one and to rise up barriers, theShukran turns to be the most suitable tool to interact, to communicate wide openly and make people aware about the goodwill and beauty of Muslim world".

The installation will be introduced on Monday, July 15th at 10.30 am, at Municipality of Matera, in the venue of Sala Mandela.

For VISITS: 7/7 days , 10am-8pm

July 15th- September 15th 2019

Free entrance

PARTNERS: TheShukran