Marsela Koci, Albania Country Manager

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I’m a journalist and a cultural mediator and I love to be in contact with the people and overall with the different cultures that live our world. I decided to move from Albania when I was 19 years old because I’ve always liked traveling and moving from my country it was the only way to do it. I speak Italian, English, Spanish and some French. I’m passionate about politic and history which I think is the best way to know someone or something and the entire world because I think if you don’t know the past of someone you will never know him and the same pass with the culture, tradition and language that a country can contain and bring to you and if you are in able to know it’s history not only you will not ignore it but you will evaluate it more. And that’s the secret of ; “the culture will save the world”, because if we work with the culture and we find in each-other the cultural affinities that bind us and work on it there will no longer be any barrier that holds us there will no longer be any prejudice that will keep us from knowing each other. Which kind of means can do this better than Shukran, a new way to know the Muslim world. That’s why I’m here doing my best trying to get an example of a small country in the heart of Europe, Albania, in which all religions continue to live together and which reflect the most important mission that the same Shukran wants to bring to the world , to build a bridge between the East and the West through the “Culture “ which I think will always save the World.
Shukran -Faleminderit!