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My name is Ines Hamouda, I'm 22 years old and I come from Tunisia. On theShukran you can find me under my profile Artine.h.

I started drawing when I was 10 -12 years, since I was raised in a family where you could breathe art every single day. I loved watching my mother while painting on the glass and silk and my father has always been passionate about art as well. I didn't attend a specific Art School or watch Youtube tutorials, I just began with canvas painting by using an abstract style. I used to mix colours in the palette and as far as the technique, my mother has always been happy to suggest me which one to apply. 4 years after, I started a series of sketches made up of 35 horses with 35 movements in black & white. From that day I discovered my passion for drawing in black only, which is my favourite colour too. By the time, I turned to become "visagiste": I use to do sketches of people's faces, by using my sketching style. The first portrait I did was George Clooney 's one. This sketch received a great positive response, thanks to the social media.
Groups of artists from Tunisia, Egypt and Maroc asked me to draw a portrait of themselves, that was amazing!
Social media has this wonderful power of sharing in a few seconds your job, your passion, your hard work and you can cater to an infinite potential audience that could welcome your art with great enthusiasm.
I was chosen as a model for some artistic photo shootings and I became an active member of a radio show, broadcasting in Tunis and I feel so fulfilled with it, 'cause I have the chance to work with a wonderful team, with whom I can share my art and my ideas. I feel so blessed!

My next steps? I am planning to launch a t-shirt collection, with my own design and embroidery and furthermore, to launch an exhibition tour taking place in different cities in my country, so that I can share my art to a wider public. At the same time, I keep on pursuing my career as anaesthetic and intensive care assistant... yes it's very far from my sketching passion, I have plenty of interests!

The Shukran has become a great source to get in touch with people, coming from different countries. People who can appreciate my work and by creating these appreciation bonds, we can create a unique roundtable where to share talents and experiences.