Meeting our CBO Fatna El Hamrit , introducing theShukran at Matera 2019

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Today is the day! We are in Matera , opening the installation “il Giardino di Zyz”.
Fatna El Hamrit , CBO at theShukran , is ready to take part at the press conference, together with the artist Gianfranco Meggiato and ready to introduce the exceptional installation by the Italian artist, celebrating Matera 2019- European Capital of Culture.

“As a Moroccan , I was used to see Fatima’s hand in every single house and over the years this symbol have acquired a positive meaning , universally renowned."
Fatna, from Moroccan origins , moved to Venice when she was a young girl. Art is her great passion since a child, as the best and unique way to spread a message to others.

When she joined theShukran team, her first mission was gathering together a pool of artists who could express the bond between Morocco and Italy. She came across different talents and when talking to them about theShukran and its concept of getting people knowing each others through knowledge, this idea became immediately theirs.

Meggiato's installation is a huge Fatima's hand, where starting from today, people can leave their hand print and a message of gratitude. A sort of Shukran message you can leave in the app!

It's a magnificent installation , dedicated to everyone.
If you travel to Morocco, you can see that every shop, house, each single public building have Fatima's hand hung up on their wall. Over the years, it has become a symbol of a positive message, adopted by different cultures worldwide.

theShukran is the social network created by the Muslims, with a worldwide audience. Knowledge and respect are the pillars for generating progress, peace , tolerance and creating beauty through art expressions. From Morocco to India, you can learn from others through the knowledge they share. It's a mutual , enriching process.

Fatna met Gianfranco Meggiato in Venice long time ago, they experienced a great feeling towards common themes, such as respecting each others, spirituality and a sensitivity to social themes concerning people.
His choice of building up a Fatima's hand is the result of all this.

photo_2019-07-15_10-17-53 Fatna and Gianfranco Meggiato in Matera

" To be here in Matera, nominated European Capital of Cultural 2019, this is unbelievable. This is the first step to spread a message of gratitude and I am sure more will follow. Today we are in Italy...tomorrow..who knows, we could be in Mumbai or Singapor, since we're recording an amazing success in the Middle East and South East Asia.
My dream? Actually it's bringing theShukran everywhere in the art field: art is the best way to teach people about respect, tolerance,positivity. Knowledge has an impact on our progress , as a human being , living responsibly in the society."

photo_2019-07-15_10-17-40 Leave your Shukran message in Matera!