Connecting Modest players on theShukran at Dubai Modest Fashion Week.

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Dubai Modest Fashion Week (DMFW) celebrated its second edition with a huge success , as a great appointment gathering Modest fashion designers, influencers, ambassadors , buyers and all the relevant players in this flourishing industry. During the latest weekend, theShukran social app became the perfect frame where pics and video created a narrative of all the catwalks, panels, meetings , without missing every single moments of this exclusive event, on the exquisite location of Emerald Kempinski Palace , on Palm Jumeirah.

Frank Soeria and Ozlem Sahin, the founders of Think Fashion and Modest Fashion weeks, explained why they selected exactly that weekend, from 7th to 9th March and the city of Dubai. “ Dubai is our home, very diverse, full of tolerance, people here are in harmony, there is sense of innovation. Modest fashion weeks is no longer about the event, it’s a movement of doing good. We wanted to celebrate amazing and powerful women on the special occasion of International Women’s day on March 8th and this is the perfect way to do that”.

On the runway, designers coming from more than 20 countries, some of them debuting here their collections. We met the elegance of My Kaftan , created by Vasilisa- from Russian origins who relocated in Dubai a few time ago- and her art in creating a perfect caftan with a soul of belonging to the world, as written on the back of the last caftan on her catwalk : “ I am a citizen of the world”. A great enthusiasm the collection designed by Asiya Rafiq , a powerful woman who devoted her designing work to create clothes suitable for people with disabilities , “by giving -as she explained- to all women the right to be beautiful , feeling feminine. We all need and deserve to feel good and feminine”. Dubai Modest Fashion Show aimed to give exposure to fashion as a way to support people and convey humanity, such as Markamarie does, by involving refugees and local communities from South East Asia. From Russia and Azerbaijan , we found a powerful group of designers supported by Modest fashion Russia organization and its great co-founder Dilyara Sadrieva, who introduced a talk about the movement in both regions. The Hijab Lee, Zahra World , Maryan Suleymanova were a few of the brands taking up the scene. But Modest fashion reaches Europe as well, as Boutallion, from Netherlands and Imen Bousninas’s brand from Austria represented during the show parade.

As Ozlem Sahin explained “ this event is the right opportunity for all to networking, from designers, buyers, media, influencers operating in the Modest field. By connecting each other , you can discover how people from different parts of the world can have have new ideas for Modesty and by joining forces , they contribute to the development of Modest movement”.

Connecting, getting in touch and analyzing the actual outlook of Modest fashion in Europe, UAE, Singapour, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan , Australia and the USA, as discussed during the panels and the talk show all along the weekend.

We wanted to support Modest Fashion Weeks with the perfect tool we have in our hands : networking and photography.
as explained Eva Cordioli, CEO at theShukran,
“In a few days we broadcasted all the moments of the show parade and talks and people attending the show came on the app, where they found an enthusiastic community who was thrilled about discovering new brands, new ways of getting stylish and precious ideas on the next steps of the Modest industry.
Our aim was also to give the final viewer not a common or usual perspective of the show, so we produced a photographic essay , that will be available soon, a sort of a novel in images, to show how the power of connecting cultures can make people closer and create beauty in a Modest style. The strength of our social media platform is that we have the right pace and room to feed a positive community and business approach to Modest fashion movement, so that’s why we can contribute to Modest Fashion Weeks organization in confirming their work worldwide

On theShukran app you can find all the moments of DMFW by following these hashtags:

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A special Shukran to Franka, Ozlem, Nadia and Kubra at ThinkFashion Co. for their immense great job!