Empowering Startups at 1st African Islamic FinTech Summit, in partnership with theShukran.

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Digital impact on everyday life is something we have been used to. Never as before, we see a huge number of new entreprises, especially in the digital environment, looking to innovate. They are start ups , innovation labs, incubators with an array of action that wides from technolgy services to financial, banking and insurance. A considerable part of those innovative companies are based in the African region, with an entrepreneurial behavior that finds roots in Islamic finance guide lines.

the 1st African Islamic Fintech Summit (SAIFI), taking place in Hammamet on March 16th and 17th, is going to be the pioneer event in the region with the aim to create the basis for converging Finch startups and Islamic finance. Under the high patronage of the Tunisian Head of Government and the Ministry of Development, Investment and International Cooperation, the summit will nurture a discussion on ground of the rising African Islamic Digital economy, with considerable opportunities for investors.
"SAIFI represents the first African Islamic fintech platform paving the way between Islamic FinTech companies and the African financial institutions", as stated by the founder of the event, M. Mohamed Anouar Gadhoum, CEO and founder at International Islamic Finance Training Institue.
The players behind its organisation have a major role in convey and sustain the financial and digital development of new ventures, as International Islamic Finance Training Institute (IIFTI), Islamic Cooperation for Development (ICD), i-Fintech Solution, the Union des Banques Maghrébines and the Tunisian Association of Islamic Finance.

"theShukran, as a start up and social media platform for the Muslim communities, will be delighted to be media partner and to witness the two days event in Tunisia. We belong to this niche of innovative and digital enterprises willing to make technology a crucial tool of communication and according to our latest successfull records, we are making the way to become the leading social network in the Muslim countries. “, states Eva Cordioli, CEO at theShukran, “The 1st African Islamic Summit is the event we have been waiting for so long. Being partner will allow us to observe and get a view more in depth of the precious opportunities blooming in the African region for start ups like us and SAIFI represents a platform, extremely resourceful to attract investors, since we represent a valuable match for Islamic VCs".

The mid March weekend is going to be a catalyst for executive , managers, decision makers, innovators and leaders of Fintech startups involved in technology , digital banking and financial services both operating in the Islamic finance principles and willing to develop in the African region. An exclusive opportunity that will help them to networking , to find out their financial partners and to translate their ideas from pitch into concrete proof of concepts.

Round tables and panels will analyse an outlook of Fintech state of art in Africa, the best way to set up a fund rising , trading , insurance and micro finance in accordance with Sharia principles, technology and its tools, the increasing popularity of blockchain, smart contracts , innovation in payments and all the secure systems to be built around these.
Another subject will be economic empowerment: how technology and digital innovation impact on the social system, how much women could empower their role in this realm, how innovative ideas can have a real impact.
All the meetings in the agenda will host attending speakers with a crucial experience in the industry , such as Dr. Nabil Ghalleb, Chairman & CEO at Zitouna Tamkeen, Mme Selima Boukhris, Director at Wifak International Bank, Omar Fisher Strategic Advisor to the CEO at The Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD), Mr.Mohamed Maher Mannai , Program Manager at Islamic Financial Institutions Program (ICD) and Mme Sylvie Campaore, Director at Islamic Finance Group.
In the occasion of the opening ceremony,the African Social Fintech Incubator & social fund will be announced.

To get registered for the event and for more info, please visit SAIFI-event.com
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