A conversation with Akmal Saleem: leadership, vision and social media for improving Ummah

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"To leave a legacy, you have to be obsessed with a vision, my vision is to change the world through entrepreneurial leadership."
Our conversation with Akmal Saleem starts with a powerful and clear vision of his path as entrepreneur.

We met Akmal Saleem during Oman Islamic Finch Forum, latest July in Muscat. Over the last 10 years , Akmal have been investing, building and leading businesses across Europe and the Middle East with key experience in emerging and developing markets.
As he states, Akmal is relentless in his pursuit of self- betterment and in every new chapter of his life is determined to set a bigger challenge with a clear goal: to further develop his experience, to empower people and societies through commerce and opportunity.

We gather an inspiring interview, focusing on how he managed to bring forth leadership and the importance of theShukran in conveying important messages , with specific reference to Ummah.

What is your vision about leadership?
“ Leadership is a responsibility and a self awareness and development activity, most people desire leadership but real leaders understand the gravity and responsibility of leading people. The people who truly understand this , they run away from being leading people. I’ve ran away from being a “leader” for years and the harder I have tried running the more people have had the desire to follow and join my journey.
True leadership is hard, requires years of self awareness and reform. Too many people today want to “lead” with no substance or experience. Real leaders are culturally mature, who respect difference not just argue about it, they are decisive in their approach as people but sensitive in their manners and dealings.
Am I a leader? I don’t think so. “

How improving cultures can influence an ethical business ?
“ Understanding cultural behaviour and respecting this helps influence ethical business because people can adapt their product services to complement their target market.”

How did you hear about theShukran and how do you think social media can improve our Ummah?
“ I hear of theShukran from a friend in Italy, I think it can improve the Ummah in its unity if people post the right content and absorb the right kind of media on the platform. theShukran has the potential to be a global community of personalities who all contribute towards a common goal and ambition which is to talk with one voice as Muslims.
Further, social media in general can improve the Ummah, if we are true to who we are as people traditionally.
We have to be brave with sharing our values but sensitive to other people’s belief. We must be responsible in what content we engage with and share. One like or share can impact a person, community or even a country.
Muslims are responsible people and we must show this in our actions both in our physical and digital identity. “